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You Know You Should Invest...

But Reading Financial Charts Suck.

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That's fine if you have continuous hours every day to study the markets & execute trades. But if you're already busy...this isn't realistic.

Analyst Alerts

Automated systems apply the same criteria, based on the same rules. Analyst may be influenced by fear, greed, or overconfidence.

Buy & Hold

Money in long-term investments could be used elsewhere for potentially higher returns, how do you know when the time is right?

Then Why Oarlin?

Automated Analysis

You don't need to spend time learning complex theories, strategies, or patterns. 

Trading Without Bias

Reduce the risk of making impulsive or emotionally driven trades. 

Quality Trades

Avoid trading in less favorable conditions, achieving higher profitability with less trades. 

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Get exact trade information automatically sent directly to your discord inbox ONLY when the market is set up for a high probability move.